Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 4!!

Sorry I forgot about Friday guys, I was too busy. But today I did talk to David!!!!! But it didn't turn out great, he was talking behind me with one of his friends, then he said "I don't know when hunting season opens" and me being the 9 year hunting veteran I turned around and said "it's Friday" and spun back around, I got super bad vertigo to and almost threw up :( Yea today was pretty good other then that, I swear I have to talk to him tomorrow!! Don't you feel sorry for words or letters stuck in between two capital letters, there will never see that outside words unless you erase, I don't know why but I feel bad for them. So I finally finished my homework after like 2 hours of nothing, It's hard ok? Sorry this is short but bye for now

Thursday, 6 September 2012

second day!!!

Hey guys! Today was my second day of school, it was pretty cool. We talked about stuff we were gonna do this year (make robots, grad dance, Halloween dance, rock climbing etc) and these two boys start singing soft kitty in these old grandmother voice, the whole class was dying laughing so hard. Gogs almost blurted out in class that i really like David so I tried to tackle her, but seeing as she plays football that didn't end very well. FIRST INJURY OF THE YEAR!!! WOO. But yea, my school day was pretty fun. I keep trying to talk to David, still no results, if only I had the steel girly balls of Gogs to talk to boys with no problem *sigh*. Genny found out about David today, I am terrified he will tell somebody, I don't want every single person in our school to know btw. Anyways I will try tomorrow, my friend Izzy has a locker next to him so if i stay there talking to her I might be able to get a hi in there somewhere. Oh the sad tales of a unpopular 13 girl. But i truthfully am not popular, everyone knows my name but it's a fairly small school, and I don't hangout with the "popular" girls or guys in the slightest in public (I am friends with a few of them). Don't get me wrong, I am a very nice person, and I do have a few friends, it's just, he is one of the popularity's, why would he date me? but enough of my complaining. My office is almost built, I almost broke my hand hauling my desk from the top floor to the basement, thank god my mother helped me, she may not know it but she is a saint. All I have to do now is get my microphone stand, since I do pod cast's, and get my desktop computer back, another virus, ugh. I can't wait for it to be done, my friends have also been waiting, because we can finally turn around behind a big desk and say "I've been expecting you," we have always wanted to do that, expect it on YouTube very soon. Now I have to get going, my hair needs curling because I swear on the apple logo, I will talk to David tomorrow. Thanks for reading, hope you guy's have a nice life :)

P.s. Kim didn't do anything interesting today except steal my flash drive, just in case you were wondering :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

first entry!! Day 1

Hey guys this is my first blog entry!!! I'm super excited right now :3 first of all I would like to say this is my sort of grade 8 journal, but public of course. I will try to blog everyday before I go to bed or have a shower, etc. Now today was my first day, let me tell you, it as the best! lemme lay out the people in my grade that I care to include in this little inter-web bookish thing :3
David - Super HOTT guy that I have had a crush on since i first met him (2 years ago)
Gogs - My #1 girl friend every who is just the best
Kim - My #2 girl friend who always has my back but is a tad annoying
Mr. James - My epic teacher
Genny - My Ex-Friend who now likes me again??
     So yea, the list is short but i will add more eventually, making up fake names is hard. So here is what when down today at my little school, West side public school.

     I woke up about 6:30 am, did the usual stuff, did my hair, brushed my teeth, etc. So finally my mom and I left the house to go pick up Kim and her little brother, this took about 20 minutes seeing as Kim always has to look her best, even though she says she isn't trying to impress ANYONE, but I don't believe her. when we got to school at 8:55 almost everyone was already there, except Gogs, I swear she will be the death of me one day. we met up with Genny and some other people, then finally right before the bell rang at 9:05 she showed up. We were brought inside to the grade 8/7 pod to get assigned to our teachers. My heart sank when i found out that David was in my class, and I was super excited that both of my best friends were in my class! me and Kim made a plan before school about sitting near or having a locker next to David, we both forgot and are killing ourselves inside right now. Yea, the rest of my day when awesome, except getting lost trying to do the attendance run because all the classrooms had moved. I walked home after school and I got to see my grandma's new puppy Shiloh, cutest thing in the world. I am still in a hole of no return from 2 years ago not being able to say more then hi to David, I kill myself inside every time I have a chance and I don't go for it. Wish me luck for my second day of school, maybe by the end of this I will have a new boyfriend!! thanks for reading <3